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  1. Persons possessing identification papers from recognised foreign press organisations (Foreign Press Association, national and state press associations, etc.)
  2. Radio and TV journalists, production firms who can present an official order from a radio or TV company (original letterhead, no copy). If accompanied by a camera crew, the filming schedule must be submitted before the exhibition opens.
  3. Journalists representing Internet publications which belong to press syndicates or publishing houses and whose online publications are established information channels for the textile community. A copy of an online editorial written by you must be provided.
  4. Journalists who can prove that they are working for the publications which have been permitted to participate in this exhibition by presenting the original copy of
    • their bylined articles
    • publication in which they are named as editors, permanent members of the editorial staff or authors
    The articles/publications should not be older than six months at the time of the exhibition.
  5. Freelance reporters, editors and photographers who submit an official letter of assignment (on company letterhead) from a bona fide publisher/editor/producer that states you are covering the exhibition for their organisations.
  6. Photographers who can show documentary proof that they are working for the media.
  7. There is no right to accreditation. If you do not belong to any of the above categories, you cannot be accredited and must register as a visitor to the exhibition. Non-editorial staff (advertising, sales, marketing, business development, circulation, etc) and those working on corporate publications and reports that are circulated internally or to a select group of clients are not eligible for accreditation.

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